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Enjoy the real, beautiful and traditional Japanese Characters and Words
for whatever you'd like to adopt !
And they will be a great help to brace yourself up and happy !

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金星 Venus, Hesperus. -

I've just opened my web site.
I'm going to introduce you my exclusive works of art
and fantastic ideas of the real Japanese Characters and Words.

J-Chara Guide
Outline of my Works and introduction of my ideas
for the real Japanese Characters.

Andrew from Canada
"I tell you about him who came to Japan a couple of years ago..."

Works for Names
Introduction of my private Work's examples for Names in Japanese.
As your Favorit Characters for your companion of "Pets"

Works for J-Words
Exhibition of my private Work's examples of the Japanese Words.
Generally Desirable Words Universally useful Words of Motto(Policy) Good Looking and Senses Letters
Words for Wit and Humor Nonsense but Amusing and Fanny Additional Interesting and Beautiful Words

References of Names into J-Characters.
Introduction of translated Names in the Japanese Characters.
10 Examples for Popular
Female Names
10 Examples for Popular
Male Names
In the case you would like to know another specific name translation
into the Beautiful Japanese characters except the Examples above,
apply the mail to "Free ! Name Translation !" right below, please !
Free ! Name Translation !/Your good questions or requests,suggestions,ideas, etc.to my home page
We will translate your nameor a word you requeste us into the Beautiful Japanese Character.

References of J-Words
Masa's J-Words Best Selection.
Introduction of the captivating Japanese Words with translation in English.
Now, Get the magical power of them !
Disirable Words 228
Universally useful Words
for Motto (Policy) 230
Words for
Wit and Humor

/ Now editting !
Nonsense but Amusing and Fanny
/ Unfinished !
Good Looking and Senses

/ Unfinished !
Additional Interesting and
Beautiful Words
/ Unfinished !


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