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Kubota Optical Company precisely processes various optical lenses from general spherical surface lenses to special formed lenses.

We provide mainly small lot production of vital optical parts and optical unit products with high precision, low price and in a short time.

We are fully equipped for all processes. Having accumulated experience and with the latest technology we can supply all sorts of products for samples, special orders and optical assemblies.


Liquid crystal projector lens

Replacement optical lens
Lens for broadcasting cameras
Projection lens for semiconductors
Object lens for astronomy(max200)
Circular spherical lens From small diameter lens to large diameter lens
Metal and crystal polishing Glass. Metal. Ceramics. Quartz. Silicon.Crystal. etc
Aspherical lens To become available

About the above products we can meet any request of -

  • Size--- contact us regarding your needs
  • Shape---oblong, round, D-shaped, oval, free
  • Surface precision---contact us regarding precision (3-/10)
  • Center precision---contact us regarding your needs
  • Angle precision--- contact us regarding your needs

Heberiusfs air telescope
using our polished lenses
This is the Heberiusfs air telescope that was used for thegFox Telescope Festivalh from May 24-26, 2003 at Makiba Observatory in Koiwai Farm. The telescope used our 150mm diameter, 10m focus distance polished lens.

Picture by
Koiwai Makiba-en

Our observatory and
air telescope at sunset
Moon and air telescope
in the night sky

Heberius's air telescope D=150mm FL=10m F66.7 Single lens

Equipment and Process
We are fully equipped with various processing machines and high precision measuring machines in order to process high quality and high precision optical lenses.


Measuring machines Processing equipment Processing equipment
Laser interferometer 1 Polishing machine 28 Centering machine 10
Projection machine 1 High precision polisher 10 Vacuum evaporation unit 9
Precision stone plate 1 Spherical type polishing machine 28

Stereoscopic microscope
Industrial microscope

2 Automatic Ultrasonic cleaning equipment 1
Permeative decentration measuring machine 2 Manual Ultrasonic cleaning equipment 1
Factory 3
Processing jig Lathe machine 4 Milling machine 1

About Us
Head Office

Head Office Factory

e-mail: uccc@rnac.ne.jp

Company name Kubota Optical Corporation
Location 13-3 Azafutatsuzeki, Yuguchi, Hanamaki-City, Iwate-Prefecture 025-0044
Telephone 0198-28-4155
Fax 0198-28-4150
Head Office Factory 13-3 Azafutatsuzeki, Yuguchi, Hanamaki-City, Iwate-Prefecture 025-0044
Factory 2 22-1 Kaminakano, Enmanji, Hanamaki-City, Iwate-Prefecture 025-0042
Factory 3 37 Kaminakano, Enmanji, Hanamaki-City, Iwate-Prefecture 025-0042
Founded Jan, 1, 1981
Capital 10.000.000 Yen
Representative Director Mr Chihiro Kubota
Employee 49
Product Outline

Precision grinding for: any sorts of lens, optical mirror lens, optical filter lens,
Precision processing for: lens parts of laser, sensor, medical and measuring equipment

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